HQi SSL Enterprise Plan

Provides a wildcard security certificate purchased installed maintained and renewed for multiple subdomains on a single client domains on the IRM hosting service

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HQi SSL Enterprise Plan


An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is a digital authentication that provides secure, encrypted communications between your website and any browser used by your audience.
Under the enterprise plan you can protect any number of subdomains for one top level domain (e.g. the subdomains www. intranet, and investor. for the top level domain irmau.com).
The Plan includes selection, purchasing and setup of the certificate, ongoing hosting, and organising renewal including purchasing the renewed certificate.
One simple regular plan and we do all the work for the Security certificate.


Certificate selection and purchase.
Installation and ongoing hosting.
Renewal including purchase.
This Plan can also be used for SSL Certificates you’ve purchased separately for hosting on the IRM service but would like for us to set up and oversee.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


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