Optional Features

Deliver your investment value with these investor-focused features on your website

1. Email Alerts Service 

Build a subscriber database, send Email Alerts and check engagement through statistics

2. Biography 

Hype up your board and management in a Biography page that highlights their expertise

3. Blog

Share your business updates through a user-friendly Blog setup

4. Interactive Maps

Leverage interactive maps to pinpoint locations, such as projects or offices

5. Interactive Timelines

Use interactive timelines to tell your company's story with visual milestones

6. Top 20 Shareholders

For Computershare clients, automatically update your Top 20 Shareholders from the registry

7. Showcase

Flex your products, services, properties, office locations and clients with a Showcase

8. Careers

Hire the right personnel with a Careers page that works as a powerful recruitment tool 

9. Investor Fact Sheet

Showcase your crucial need-to-know investor information with a one-page printable Fact Sheet

10. Image Galleries 

Display your images in galleries and organise them in multiple sections

11. Corporate Calendar

Feature upcoming milestones with a date and description of each event


For IR best practices, these features are must-haves on your website too:

Present a strong investor story on your Investor Centre, including a visual "Why Invest"

Give investors in depth data at their fingertips with your Share Prices and Charts

Provide a central information hub for your AGM right on your website

Check out our HQi Plans for more details.