Provide Event Details

The full details of your event will be automatically presented in a choice of attractive formats on an Event Detail page on your website and will be managed chronologically on your Event List page(s). 

Invitees and attendees want full information about your event. Use the brief description in your email alerts and other promotional material or social media links, and provide the full description on the detail page. 

Provide an attractive featured image, and full details of the start and finish times (and time zones), event location and registration details.

Add the list of relevant documents to the event information, and keep it updated from ASX Announcements about the event as they are published.

Introduce people to the presenter(s) and let them contact the host with questions.

For multi-time or multi-location events provide all the details and allow them to choose the best options for them.

Do you do multiple different types of events? No problem, set up Event Categories, use them to control which event list page(s) your event appears on, and the format of the event detail page.