Terms and Conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to the use of IRM services unless separately agreed with the client. An individual Client Quotation and Statement of Works, if different to these terms and conditions, takes precedence over these terms and conditions.

General Terms and Conditions

  • All quoted prices including Plan Prices exclude GST.
  • Our payment terms are 21 days from date of invoice.
  • All quotations valid for 30 days.
  • These terms and conditions can be varied by IRM at any time without notification to clients.

Ongoing Plans Terms and Conditions

  • Change of plan can occur at any time with one month’s notice.
  • Plan downgrade is possible if the conditions of the lower plan are met.
  • Ongoing monthly charges are billed quarterly in advance.
  • All IRM Plan definitions for new clients / new agreements are subject to change by IRM at any time. Current definitions will be as shown on the IRM Website from time to time.
  • When Plan conditions change, no client will be forced to move to a higher Plan solely because of the change to a condition.
  • Ongoing Plan pricing for all Plans is subject to change by IRM at any time, including the hourly rates under the Support Plans.
  • The total of Plan prices agreed for each client is subject to annual review in the first invoice after 1 January each year.
  • The maximum price increase to be applied to any client each year is the lower of 5% of the previous regular invoice in total, and the amount required to move to the current set of published Plan prices for the selected Plans.
  • The difference between actual invoiced amounts and current Plan prices in total will be shown separately on the invoice as the "Price Increase Protection Plan".
  • Plan downgrades which reduce prices first offset any amount of Price Increase Protection.
  • Price increase protection does not apply to the On Demand Support Plan or the Pre-Paid Support Plan, which are charged at then-current prices as published on the website for all current clients from time to time.

Development Project Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Options specified in the Appendix of the Quotation are not included in the project unless specifically included in the Statement of Works.
  • Ongoing Plan charges commence on handover of a test link where IRM has done all specified work to that point, regardless of whether the client has finished supplying the necessary content. Delays in providing final content do not delay the commencement of Ongoing Plans.
  • You will receive multiple invoices for the initial project: the first stage on acceptance of the Quotation and later stages on completion of each later stage as specified in the quotation.
  • Any additional items will be advised at the time costs are incurred and may be invoiced separately to the main project.
  • IRM reserves the right to suspend work on the project at any time for failure to pay undisputed project invoices.
  • Fee rates for hourly work subject to change for market conditions.


  • The Client can cancel the full set of Ongoing IRM Plans at any time with three months’ notice. Cancellation includes ceasing to use the IRM services, including IRM software, hosting, support and all other IRM services.
  • On cancellation, and on request, IRM will make all IRM hosted content available for Client staff to extract and load into a new service as required, for a period of one month after cancellation. After one month, no backup copy will be held without prior arrangements.
  • IRM can suspend or cancel the ongoing provision of the service for failure by the Client to pay undisputed IRM fees after reasonable notification.