IRM Newsroom Special Features


Send your news promptly and directly to investors with these IRM Newsroom features:

1. Email Alerts Service 

Build a subscriber database and send Email Alerts as ASX announcements are released.

2. Custom Mailshots

Send emails to a specific subscriber list using Email Alerts as a distribution channel.

3. Email Subscriber Groups

Organise subscribers into groups and select one for each distribution channel.

4. Blog as a News Input Source

Publish your blog posts on your website, email to subscribers, or post on social media.

5. Third-party News Sources

Amplify third-party news about your company and industry with a direct feed to your website.

6. Social Media Publication

Tweet, post and share your news to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn directly from IRM Newsroom.

7. Manual Upload of News Items

Add documents or articles manually into a web page or send to a selected distribution channel.

8. Email Tracking and Statistics

Monitor how your emails were delivered, opened and clicked for each campaign.

9. Brief Fields on News Items

Grab attention to your key ASX announcements through news briefs in your emails.

10. Keyword Allocation of News to Distribution Channels

Update your website with selected news items in appropriate sections through keywords.

11. Periodic or On-demand Google Analytics Reports

Assess your website to see what’s working, what's not and where your traffic is coming from.