Plan Your Next Events

IRM Events lets you take your time to set up your next event, with a Drafts status where only you can see what it will look like. 

Specify all the information about the event, design and layout your event descriptions and other promotional devices on web pages and in email templates, and choose your email subscriber lists for invitations.

Many different types of events and event features are supported:

  • Offline events - physical meetings of all types
  • Online meetings or webinars - where all attendees can participate, using your favourite hybrid meetings, with physical and online components
  • Results announcements and conference calls
  • Online general meetings
  • Corporate Access programs for setting up individual meetings
  • Investor Presentations and Transaction Announcements

You can also have private events - where only the invitees can see the web page. You could even use this for internal meetings.

Choose events with multiple times and locations, allowing the invitee to choose the time and location that suits them best

Integrate with your favourite online meeting service provider. Send event information, registrations and attendees between IRM Events and the service provider.