Features and Benefits

About IRM Newsroom

IRM Newsroom collects your company news and distributes it to your channels with one click. It integrates with any website.

IRM Newsroom enables ASX listed companies to manage their website, email and social media news updates for investors and wider stakeholder groups with the click of a button.

IRM Newsroom is a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution application. It allows companies to easily communicate to investors and other stakeholders across multiple online touchpoints, immediately.

IRM Newsroom gives you the power to decide which news items are published to your investor website, sent to email subscribers, and posted on social media. Decide by type of news, or an individual news item.

Incorporating IRM Newsroom into a Company Website

IRM Newsroom can be integrated with any website. For WordPress websites, there is a series of tools and WordPress plugins to provide a close level of integration. For other content management systems, there is a series of JSON commands that can be used to access Newsroom. Finally, if required, IRM Newsroom can be integrated using iframe technology.

IRM will work with the client in the early stages of the project to determine the best method of integration of IRM Newsroom. 

How does it work?

When an ASX Announcement is lodged via ASX Online or a news article about your company is published, IRM Newsroom will instantly send you an automated email alert, prompting you to "release" the item to your selected online distribution channels with the simple click of a button.

IRM Newsroom monitors your company news such as ASX announcements and media articles and alerts you via email. Alternatively, you can set it to automatically publish articles without the approval step.


From the approval email you can reject, edit or release the article, giving you total control.   IRM Newsroom simultaneously publishes the article to your chosen channels such as your website, email or social media. Immediately.


For some FAQ's about IRM Newsroom, please click here.


What clients say about IRM Newsroom

"Neuren have been a client of IRM for several years, we are very happy with their IRM Newsroom product that enables the ASX Announcements to be distributed to our website (on several pages) instantly. It is also instantly sent to a large number of email subscribers who are mostly our shareholders and other interested parties. This allows us to be "hands off" and saves my team's time."
- Jon Pilcher, CEO/Managing Director, Neuren Pharmaceuticals

"The Newsroom feature is quick and easy to use. I can rest assured that our stakeholders are up to date with the latest information from the company."
- Sharon Read, Public Relations Corporate Communications, Read Corporate

“Westgold are very happy with IRM Newsroom, which we have been using for many years. This is a very convenient solution, allowing us to get our news out to investors in a minimal time. It enables ASX Announcements to be sent to our website immediately. Emailing our large number of subscribers is also done in the same one-step process.”
- Fiona Baird, Executive Assistant, Westgold Resources

“Functional and easy-to-use software that allows our company to make quick changes to our website while integrating our website with our social media platforms.”
- Craig Basson, Director/CFO/Company Secretary, Botala Energy