HQi Plans - Premium Features

These are premium features of all HQi Plans and are each separately described in the Product Catalog.

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HQi Plans - Premium Features


HQi Premium Features enhance the function and operation of HQi websites. Any one Premium Features on the HQi Corporate Plan, and any number of Premium Features on the HQi Enterprise Plan. Refer to a separate section of the IRM Product Catalog for a full list of premium features and a description of each.


HQi Premium Features include Email Alerts (when used outside IRM Newsroom), the IRM Showcase, a careers section, image galleries and gallery containers, a document repository, access to Google Analytics for own analysis, and a WordPress plugin for blog integration. Other Premium Features are added from time to time, refer to the separate section of the Product Catalog for the full list. Typically Premium Features will require a project to set them up, but do not incur a separate ongoing fee.

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See all Premium HQi Features in product catalog. Premium Features always relate to the HQi Corporate or Enterprise Plans. Support is through an IRM Support Plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


Repeating Fixed Price


Premium features of IRM websites that require a special feature of HQi