HQi Enterprise Plan

IRM's most popular plan for HQi content management of a comprehensive corporate website

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HQi Enterprise Plan


The HQi Enterprise plan is best for companies with corporate websites that are large and / or have many special features. Included is all the HQi Standard Features and all features of the IRM Corporate Plan. In addition you can choose any number of IRM's premium HQi features. You will have strong internal content management capabilities with a number of people involved. You appreciate IRM's expert ongoing involvement with three included HQi consulting services each year.


Includes all standard HQi features, all features of the IRM Corporate plan, plus all Premium HQi Features. Enjoy the first three HQi Consulting Services free each year, and user profile management for unlimited user numbers. You can choose concessional additional HQi instances for related websites. You have access and input to the HQi development schedules. You have unlimited telephone support and the first 15 minutes of any website change request is free (fair go policy applies!)

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You will choose an IRM Support Plan to complement the HQi Enterprise Plan. If you use IRM Newsroom you will also have a Newsroom Plan, and you may have a Share Prices and Charts Plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


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