Annual Report FAQs

How much does an annual/sustainability report design service cost?

Your annual/sustainability report will be custom designed for your specific needs and budget. Cost drivers include number of pages, graphs and infographics, photography and print numbers.

Chat us about your needs to get a no-obligation quote that works for your budget.

How long does it take to have an annual/sustainability report designed and produced?

Your annual/sustainability report will be customised in four to six weeks. The production timeline would depend on the complexity of design, availability of materials (content and images), among other elements.

Printing:   Large print runs - please allow for 7 working days
                 Smaller print runs – please allow for 5 working days

What materials do you need from us?

You’ll find out about the creative process and materials needed during your initial meeting with our IRM design team. For starters, you’ll need to prepare the following:

  • Your company logo (in high resolution, preferably vector format)
  • Your images and/or graphics to include
  • Your content for each page

Do we have to provide our own images, or can IRM supply them?

The choice is yours. You can supply us with your images (in high resolution) to personalise your annual/sustainability report to your brand, or you can opt for stock images to be purchased on your behalf. Should you require photography services, we’d be happy to assist with that as well.