Amplia Therapeutics refreshes website with new design, investor page

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Amplia website

An outdated website can hinder your ability to engage effectively with investors, potentially impacting your company's reputation and growth. Updating your site design is crucial to maintaining a professional online presence. A modern, user-friendly website not only enhances the overall user experience but also makes it easier for stakeholders to find the information they need.

Offer investors a fresh look and enhanced user experience with a newly redesigned website, like Amplia Therapeutics’ - This update reflects Amplia's commitment to engagement and innovation, ensuring stakeholders can easily access the latest info about the company.

Amplia (ASX:ATX) is an Australian, clinical-stage, drug development company focused on the development of two potent, orally-available inhibitors of focal adhesion kinase (FAK) for the treatment of cancer and fibrotic diseases.​ Take a glance at some key features of its redesigned website.

Amplia on devicesAmplia's website runs smoothly on any screen size or device.

To start off, Amplia's new website boasts of upgraded imagery that captures the essence of the company from the homepage through the entire site. The modern header and footer design provide a sleek appearance, enhancing navigation and overall aesthetic appeal.

The website’s Board of Directors and Team pages have also been revamped to showcase the talented people behind Amplia. Each profile now includes detailed biographies and high-quality images, highlighting the expertise of the individuals driving the company's success.

Likewise, its Pipeline page has been improved to provide a clear overview of Amplia's clinical development of two highly-promising drug candidates targeting FAK. Visitors can now easily access detailed information about each stage of the development process, ensuring complete transparency about the company's progress and goals.

A significant addition to Amplia's website is its new Investor Centre, designed to cater specifically to the needs of stakeholders. This page serves as a central hub for all investor-related information, including financial reports, stock performance, and ASX announcements.

To further enrich communication with investors, Amplia's new website includes a feature that allows the upload of CEO videos. These videos, which correspond to ASX announcements, provide deeper insights and context directly from the company's leadership. An intuitive video icon indicates the availability of these videos, making it easy for stakeholders to view the latest updates.

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